Civil War Industrialization

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Before the civil war there were different remarkable diversities between the Northern and southern states in terms of population tally, occupational occasions, income potential and many other business classes and also financial classes, including production choices, and sociopolitical. The population rate of the northern states was much more than that of the southern states. Notwithstanding people of both the states worked on the farms during the juncture before the Civil War, Northern were more civilized in term of industrialized. While plantation agriculture abide the focus in the southern states. The huge difference was also that industrial transformation which took place in the North caused the two territories economics to develop in different…show more content…
In the South and the West, where income-potential there were fewer opportunities for advancement, evangelical sects were more popular. In the North, those who were better off economically were more attracted to the Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and Unitarian denominations. A major component which gave the advantage the northern state was the importance placed on Education in the same manner with the southern states. Only 9% of the public high schools in the country residence in the south, a clear indication that continued education had greater preference in the North. Higher literacy in the north gave native individuals a better opportunity to avail higher paying, than white collar jobs when competing against the notable of southern workers who migrated north for better job chances. Before the civil war northern states experienced greater urbanization and industrialization while the southern states largely endure rural with only fewer well settled cities enclaves and focused on plantation agriculture. Northern spent more expenditure on machinery while southern states more so in slave labor despite the increasing price of the slave. The population rate of the northern state was more than southern states. Southern states were focus on the preserving states’ rights on the other hand northern states were determined to preserve the union
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