Civilization Is An Essential Design

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Civilization is an essential design. Civilization, to some extent is a prominent basis of cultural and technological progression. It is the rectification of thoughts and manners in society. Without civilizations, the world as we know it would not be. A civilization develops superfluous of things that help the people be a stable community. These build up an outline for the advancement and rise of the empire. Government is also existent in civilizations. Likewise, the Roman Civilization is an essence on the mankind. It gifted us with their rich culture and also preserved the tradition of the Hellenistic world. The Roman Empire has been one of the most dominant civilizations of all time. Its culture has been mixed throughout many societies. …show more content…

The Roman Empire included a diversity of people from divergent cultures. As they believed in a happy enjoyable life, they designed their city to be entertaining along with constructive. Their society united well together with a unified destiny. They established a society that worked together with very defined impulsions. They built a wonderful transportation for business and comfort. Rome has always been known for its government, the republic, but that was not the way Rome was controlled at first. Rome started out being ruled jointly within the myth, the successor of the joint rule was the Sabine king, Numa Pompilius, who was indeed a proven historical figure. Although Rome enjoyed many years of peace under the rule of Numa Pompilius, his successors were very much war-like and proceeded to lead Rome into an expansive campaign. It wasn’t until Servius Tullius seized the throne after a palace riot killed his father in law, Tarquin I. Servius conducted numerous changes in the time he was in power. He changed the basis of citizenship within Rome from birth to residence. This made Rome more welcoming to the immigrants. He also composed a new assembly; the comitia centuriata. This created voting units called centuries and divided the people into different classes by how much they owned. Servius also laid claim to the surrounding countryside and increased the Roman population which led to

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