Cja364 Supreme Court Case Paper

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Supreme Court Case CJA/354

Supreme Court Case

The discovery of unethical billing alongside unethical accounting practices provoked a chain reaction towards a hospital accountant by the name of Rehberg. An accountant trying to serve justice was entangled in a web of lies. Rehberg vs. Paulk is a very interesting Supreme Court case. Rehberg vs. Paulk embodied much of the injustice that is not presented to the public when sworn officials break the very laws that are supposed to be protected. The Rehberg vs. Paulk case provides controversy among different jurisdictions within the judicial system and gives examples of the different elements of crime within the case.

Although Rehberg was doing his job, he discovered
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Paulk admitted that there was no evidence nor were there any witnesses that were interviewed (566 U.S.).

The testimony in front of the second grand jury by investigator Paulk was a complete lie. Before the second the second indictment could be dismissed Paulk appeared in front of a third grand jury, which was also was dismissed (566 U.S.). Paulk believes that he is immune against civil suits for providing false testimonies because law enforcement agents cannot receive a civil suit against an agent. Paulk was sued by Rehberg for malicious prosecution that he endured. Paulk also was not immune for a swearing complaint and a written affidavit that fails to establish probable cause.

Rehberg verse Paulk is an interesting case because Paulk is allowed falsify evidence and lie repeatedly to get an indictment on an innocent man without repercussions. Paulk could have ruined Rehberg’s life while the previous judges would have known that Paulk was lying constantly (Schmalleger, Hall, & Dolatowski, 2010). This case is interesting because it shows the checks and balances within the judicial system and how the first or second court could be a liable accomplice because the courts knew that Paulk’s evidence and testimony was false. Rehberg shows that the courts do a good job protecting the amendments, which law

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