Clara Barton Biography Essay

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Clara Barton

Clara Barton, known as an American humanitarian, the “Angel of the
Battlefield,” and known for being the American Red Cross founder accomplished many things during her life. Throughout her long commitment of service, Clara achieved honor as a teacher, battlefield nurse, lecturer, and founder of the American Red Cross. Through her many years of work, Clara made a huge impact on America that can still be felt at present times. Clara was born Clarissa Harlowe Barton on Christmas Day of 1821 in
North Oxford, Massachusetts. Her father, Captain Stephen Barton, and mother,
Sarah Barton, raised her on a farm along with her two brothers, David and
Stephen, and two sisters, Dorothy, and Sally. Most of Clara’s …show more content…

Clara, influenced by her sisters who were already teachers, began the first part of her career by becoming a teacher at age seventeen. She began teaching in Worcester County of Massachusetts and taught in various others schools for 6 years. Clara then realized she needed a change and decided to open up her own school. After running her own school for a few years Clara recognized that she needed more change and at age 29, Clara enrolled in an advanced school for female teachers in Clinton, New York. This addition to her education led her to a teaching position in New Jersey which opened the opportunity for her to open several free schools there in New Jersey. Her schools were very successful and students flocked to be a part of them. After much success in her teaching career, Clara finally ran into rejection when the school board refused her the position of heading the school she had founded and instead gave the job to a less qualified man. This greatly upset Clara and she again decided she needed a change, however this time the change was more dramatic. After recovering from the emotional effects of the events that occurred in
New Jersey, Clara took a job in Washington D.C. as a copy clerk in the U.S.
Patent Office. This job did not last long since at age 40, when the American
Civil War broke out she felt the need to resign and become a volunteer for the
Union. As a volunteer,

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