Clasher Film Analysis

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The correlation observed between having sex and dying amongst teens and young adults in slasher films is difficult to ignore. When you factor in that deaths also took place after characters behaved immaturely or within poor judgement (like ditching their babysitting responsibilities in order to run off with boys), it becomes clear that the murders within a slasher film are not actually random. In fact, they could represent punishment. This is evident in the characteristics of the killers from each film. Their agile reflexes and keen ability to sneak up on their victims are not accidental. This is showcasing those who have "done wrong", according to society, receiving their retribution when they least expect it. The moral lesson which accompanies this is that consequences can never be avoided, and they will always catch up to you- most likely when you least expect it. The killers are also all faceless and lack identity for the majority of the films. This key detail is important in dehumanizing them. By removing facial recognition, it is much easier to view them as a supernatural or otherwise inhuman threat, enacting unspecified revenge on the characters. Even Mrs. Vorhees, whose identity and motives we are sure of, is completely focused…show more content…
All characters that were murdered were not making smart decisions, whether they were venturing off alone at night or just not paying attention to their surroundings. If we view the findings through this lens, the intense violence of slasher films is meant to discourage teenagers and young adults from participating in unsafe behavior. The success of the "final survivor" also displays this; in Friday the 13th and Halloween, the final survivors were both sensible and made consistently good social and safety decisions throughout the storyline. This connection between being a functional member of society and surviving is vital to the cautionary
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