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Alyssa Huskinson COMS 100B, Fall 2012 8 October 2012 Classical Analysis In an Absolut World Absolut vodka is based on 500 years of tradition originating in Sweden. Under the original name “Absolut rent branvin,” which means “absolutely pure vodka,” Absolut was introduced in the United States in 1979 and since has become one of the world’s most famous spirits. The advertisement campaign, In an Absolut World, was just another successful entry in the company’s advertising history, and Absolut advertising continues to be recognized as pure genius (cite). The purpose of the In an Absolut World campaign was to convey the idea that Absolut is indeed in a world of its own. The campaign challenges customary view points by presenting a…show more content…
Could the Absolut world be the answer to drinking and driving? Given the opportunity, would people still take taxis home from the bar or use a designated driver, or is this notion of “absolute safety” real only In an Absolut world? According to the Center for Disease and Control (year), U.S. drivers got behind the wheel after drinking too much about 112 million times in 2010; of those 112 million, 4 out of 5 men were responsible (81%) for that statistic. [I think you should mention here that one way to ensure a complete end of drinking and driving would be to end drinking; however, such a solution would be highly negative to Absolut’s bottom line, which is why a perfect world according to Absolut still has drinking in it. The fact that they would ignore one solution to the social problem (drinking and driving) while advocating a second solution calls their credibility (ETHOS) into question, which also damages the effectiveness of the artifact. Don’t forget to connect to your method!] Given the description, then, doing things differently can lead to extraordinary growth. Absolut’s message promotes a different impression of the brand. To establish this kind of message, it can be anticipated that it is useful to recall the past and to make guesses at the future (Stoner & Perkins, 2005). The In an Absolut World campaign comes from a credible company; the new campaign started after the successful 25 year
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