Classroom Inequality In Schools

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Inequality is a constant issue in our world today in social and job settings. Many people across the world have very strong feelings about inequality and it is becoming an important issue. What some people do not realize is that inequality has entered schools. In all schools there are different teaching and class levels, and many students are not getting an equal opportunity in order to be successful in the future. In some cases, this is due to money problems; but in other cases it might just be the school and how it is run. Understandably, schools can not guide every student towards success; however all students around the world are not given equal classroom opportunities in order to be successful in their future.
Classroom opportunities are different all around the world and schools differ in the level of the classes that are taught. Obviously, the schools in the United States do not get all the same classes as schools in Europe. There are some schools in the world that do not let students take the type of classes that is in the appropriate level or subject for their future. Fremont High, a school in California, is one of these schools. One student was required to take a sewing class when she wanted to take an AP class. (Kozol). AP classes and sewing or hairdressing classes do not even come close to comparing level wise. Obviously, this student is being held back because her school pushed her to take a class that is not equal to the level she could have been in. Not

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