Classroom Observation

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The classroom I have been observing is a Varying Exceptionalities class. It is taught by Tom Jacobs. It has students from kindergarten- second grade. This class only has about 14 students. These students are in this classroom because they would not perform as well if they were thrown into the main-stream curriculum. Bayshore elementary also has one other VE class for students in third-fifth grade.

The students in this classroom were of multiple races. I had an estimated 3 White students, 4 African-American students, and about 7 Hispanic students. From what I can see most of these students are from lower income families. There was a good divide between male and female students. One of the students has cerebral palsy, about 4 students have autism (one also requires a feeding tube), some of these students also cannot control bodily functions yet, one students has a hearing aid, a couple have ADHD, others cannot speak English very well. This class has two connected rooms. One room is where they do most of the learning, the other room is used for storage and physical activity. The room does not have very many bulletin boards but the ones they do have contain the student logins and class schedules. This classroom consists of two rooms, one of which is used for storage and physical activity. Their main classroom setup has the teachers desk in the front and the students desks are put into two groups, the laptops are put in the back of the room. The separation of the desks

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