Classroom Reflection Essay

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I started off by asking the students what their names were, then I introduced myself. I had my laptop in front of my lap, I found that very difficult to read the powerpoint to the students. I had to monitor and adjust by holding the laptop up and to the side, so that I was able to read it. After I went through the powerpoint one student informed me that they had not learned about weathering and erosion yet. I took that time to ask them what they thought it was after seeing the powerpoint. One student asked if the playground was an example of erosion. We had a whole conversion over the playground being an example of human activity erosion, they students thought that was the neatest thing, that I incorporated their playground into the lesson. I had to become flexible when it came to my materials for my lesson. I had planned on using droppers for the water activity, but the water droppers I had bought new, were somehow dry rotted and I had to use spoons.
I explained to the students when I got to the materials side on the powerpoint that we would be using the spoons and not the droppers. I was worried they would be upset, but they were excited to scoop the water up with spoons. I explained to the students to take the Q-tips and rub against the cookies to act as wind. The students took the Q-tips and rubbed very hard, so hard that they bend them and made the cotton come off the ends. The toothpick activity went the smoothest of the three. The students all crumbled up their

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