Classroom Reflection

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one. Ms. Cochran starts with having all students stretch and prepare for their activity. For the most part her activities involve working collaboratively in groups. The students are allowed to interact differently with one another compared to the classroom. Students are free to yell at the top of their lungs and run around without being punished. The students seem to interact more with each other in this class. I think overall this class requires and needs student to be interactive in order to be successful. • Observing the students in the cafeteria has been a different experience. In a sense it made me wonder if that was the way I acted when I was there age. The students appear to be completely different in the cafeteria. For example, one student in particular was crawling under the table. I was truly shocked to see the student do this, however, I did not approach him since another teacher noticed and handled it. Nevertheless, I help my CT sit the students in a boy girl order in the cafeteria. The students have grown accustomed to this format since that is the structure to everything they do. For instance, when they line up or put their book boxes back they go boy girl order as well. Each student talks to whoever is next to them only when they are permitted. There is a signal that tells all students when they are allowed to speak. When music is playing this tells students to be quiet when the music is not heard anymore then can students speak. In the cafeteria there are

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