Clean Water Pollution

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a. There is pollution in major bodies of water in Iowa due to runoff from farms. This runoff makes its way through rivers and streams to eventually reach the Gulf of Mexico. Runoff is a major issue in Buena Vista, a county in Iowa, because it’s water has been so badly polluted. Raccoon River was so badly polluted that the Des Moines Water Works filed a federal lawsuit against them. Buena Vista county decided to hire multiple law groups to handle the lawsuit. This came with the question as to who was funding these law groups as they were being paid by a group of donators. Eventually the county had to clean the Raccoon River and the question was posed of how to limit the amount of nitrogen pollution caused by the runoff from Raccoon River. It was estimated to cost $16 billion to clean the river which wasn’t economically logical.
b. There is a large account that is funded by the Farm Bureau and many commodity groups which pays lawyers from the Crowell and Morning Law group as well as a group of lawyers in Washington, D.C. to keep Iowa from being potentially billed $100 million dollars in damages due to violation of the Clean Water Act. Art Collen, the author of the article, attempted the best he could to get to the bottom of who was funding the Farm Bureau. However, he couldn’t get information from anyone as to who was funding it. This information should be available to the public and is illegal to hide. Still the information was being withheld from him. Collen assumes that

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