Ethical Dilemma at Northlake Essay example

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“Ethical Dilemma at Northlake”
Week 3 – Case Study #1
Cecellia Dantzler

Synopsis: Frank, manager of corporate reporting at Amalgamated Forest Products, has threatened to go public with information regarding a falsified report on the effect of effluent controls on the discharge of wastewater from pulp and paper companies, which has angered his boss, Jim McIntosh and the company’s president, Jim Letourneau. Letourneau was to testify before a legislative subcommittee the following week and use the report, “Endangered Species: The Pulp and Paper Industry in the Upper Peninsula”, to give the industry’s perspective on proposed legislation. The section of the report which contained the falsified financial information was prepared by Tina
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The section of the report addressing the monetary impact of Amalgamated installing emission control equipment had been falsified. The numbers used in the report were over exaggerated in order to show that Amalgamated would suffer severely financially should this legislation be passed. Recommendation #1: Amalgamated has three mills in the community. These three mills and the corporate offices provide jobs to many of the 10,000 people of Northlake. The company is a major contributor to the economy of the community. The recommendation is for Amalgamated to be ethical and show corporate responsibility. No amount of money can be given for human life. The aboriginal community is suffering from the effects of emission waste from the previous competitor and from Amalgamated as well. Amalgamated should forego its own financial gain and do what is ethically right to clean up their waste so that it does not affect the community. The company has had the emissions problem for so long and it would only benefit them in the long run to do the right thing and stop the pollution now.
Finding of Fact #2: Frank is being bullied, more specifically, being mobbed, by his vice president and the president of the company. When Jim McIntosh confronts Frank about publically disclosing the truth about the report, he is yelling and calling Frank stupid. He’s threatening Frank with all the things he could lose if he were to go forward with the truth. His face is bright red and he is trembling
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