Clean Water Pollution

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The Federal Government is Polluting the Ocean The need for the ocean makes it essential to the human life. First off, the federal government is failing to make sure companies are not dumping waste directly into the water. In addition, the pollution in the water is killing sea life and causing many species to go extinct. Finally, the pollution that builds up in the ocean is dangerous because it can carry many diseases. The federal government is responsible for polluting the ocean. The federal government claims that they are helping the ocean by creating and enforcing the Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act states that it is illegal for companies to dump any form of pollution into the water without a permit (EPA). The truth is that the federal government is not regulating companies nor punishing companies that violate the Clean Water Act. For a negligent violation against the Clean Water Act, a company can be fined $2,500-$25,000, or the executives of the company have an option to spend one year in jail (EPA). Since landfills are quickly being filled up and is expensive, companies look for another way to get rid of their waste. That other way is to dump it straight into the ocean. A rich company such as Tyson Foods is dumping over 18 millions pounds of chemical waste directly into the waters (Renter). They are able to get away with dumping trash into the water because of the loopholes they find in the law and $2,500 is nothing compared to the billions of dollars that

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