Clear Patterned Window Film Analysis

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If you want to increase the privacy inside of your home, one great way to do that is by putting window film on your French doors, which are essentially large windows that allow whomever passes by to get a good look into your home. Here are the three best window film options for your French doors.
#1 Plain Colored Window Film
To make it more difficult for people to look into your home, you can simply apply a solid colored window film over the glass on your French doors. When someone tries to look through your doors from outside of your home, the view will be obstructed because the colored window film will make it look like you have colored glass installed in your French doors.
Inside of your home, you will still be able to see out through the glass, although your view may be a little fuzzier than it was before, as if you were gazing through a tinted window. Light will still be able to filter into your home, and the light that makes it through your doors should cast a slightly tinted shadow based on the color of film that you have installed. …show more content…

These patterns are usually simple designs, such as a lace-looking design or a leaf-themed design. Although these types of patterns are designated as “clear” they are generally frosted around the pattern, while the pattern or cutout is actually

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