Cleofilas Is A Feminist Analysis

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In Mexican culture, women are expected to marry a man then stay at home to care for the kids while the husband is at work. Women are taught to be dependent on a man in their lives, thus they never really learn what it is to be feminist. This is very similar to what Cleofilas believes, which she learned from her family and telenovelas. Therefore, Cleofilas does not understand feminist ideologies and wants to marry a man to care for her. Although from her background, Cleofilas is clearly not a feminist as she endeavors to make a home, she is able to observe or “visit” the feminine perspective through her struggles.
As she grew up watching telenovelas, Cleofilas witnessed many scenes involving domestic abuse. She watched on television as the …show more content…

She is willing to stand up to her spouse in order to make sure there are no complications during the birth of her second child. She is slowly realizing what it is to be feminist due to the fact that she is willing to try anything to convince Juan Pedro. Although she agrees to lie about her bruises saying “she fell down the front steps” (Cisneros, 226), it is a step in the right direction to feminism. Ultimately, the visit to the doctor allows her to receive help. She is given a chance to escape. She accepts the opportunity as she begins to find out that she no longer has to take the abuse from Juan Pedro.
By the end of the story, Cleofilas is able to witness feminism in the form of another woman, Felice. Upon leaving Juan Pedro to return to her family, she meets Felice. Felice gives Cleofilas the ride to the bus station to escape from Juan Pedro. Cleofilas was shocked by the idea of Felice, a woman who “drove a pickup…” and “didn’t have a husband” (Cisneros, 228). Cleofilas has an epiphany and realizes that she could be independent. She would no longer have to rely on a man to support her and her children. Also, as Felice screams when they pass Woman Hollering Creek, Cleofilas realizes that she has the power to speak up. She does not have to suffer in silence if anyone in abusing her. She becomes empowered by Felice and knows what it is to be feminist.
In conclusion, Cleofilas’ culture limits her knowledge of feminism. She is basically a mail order bride who must obey

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