Cliff-Personal Narrative

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He tied his boat off and started to climb the cliffs. He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the cloud, but still he climbed. His motivation was to prove everyone wrong and come back alive to tell what was behind the cloud. The chances of living are very slim. There is many dangerous things that can happen,but still he climbed the cliffs with his bare hands. He was almost there and all of the sudden a branch cracked. The sound of it made him look around to everything that was close. A tree branch was under him, but he didn’t notice at all. The top of the cliff was so close and finally he reached the top. The sound of paws hitting the ground caught his full attention. He stood up fully on top of the cliff and he watched in horror as one …show more content…

He held his breath hoping that the wolves would just run right past him like how the first wolf did. He had no luck and all of the wolves stopped right where he was. The wolves howled a ear piercing howl and he had wanted for the wolves to stop howling.

He heard another sound and this one had sounded a lot more different. It sounded like paws,but these were a lot more heavier than the wolves. He stood there frightened not knowing what to do so he did the only thing he thought was wise. He ran like his life depended on it which it did. The sounds that he can hear were the wolves paws and the paws of another animal that he was to scared to even find out what it was. All of the sudden he was trapped between the two large trees that are close together and he was panting from all the running he had done to get away from the animals. All of the sudden,he had felt

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