Climate Change And Global Warming Essay

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Though gasoline cars make lives of humans easier to travel, it threatens the environment. Climate is defined as weather conditions existing in a particular area over a period of time. When changes in weather patterns start to occur, this is called climate change. Peter Singer describes carbon emissions would extinguish human life. Climate change is a disastrous event because there is a wide range of environmental impacts affecting life expectancy. In different geographical areas, climates will change if temperatures influence them to fluctuate. The major cause of climate change is human expansion of the greenhouse effect. Kolbert presents scientific research about climate change and global warming leading to a global catastrophe. Any process that causes the Earth’s temperature to become imbalanced affects the climate. While climate change is a natural process, purchasing a SUV and doing human activities of all kinds has impacted on the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels for energy.
Climate change is a global issue that has and will affect the world. Peter Singer believes greenhouse gas emissions ultimately lead to global warming that will kill a lot of people. The effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increasing each year is devastating news to humans and animals because it affects future generations. Studies show climate change is already affecting everyone worldwide and continues to do so. According to the World Meteorological Organization (1950), the “temperatures

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