Climate Change : Melting Ice

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Climate Change: Melting Ice
Over the past few decades, the ice that can be found in Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic Ice Caps, has begun to melt away. These massive sheets of frozen water are disappearing at an unbelievably fast rate. The problem boils down to global warming. Climate change has been around for millions of years and is unavoidable, but the way people live their everyday lives has sped up the process and has had a major impact on our world. The way humans treat the earth is indisputably killing the only planet we’ve ever known. Although the affects of climate change are not always prominent to the average person, scientists have noticed a massive change in the ice located in these colder regions and are blaming it on global warming.
Climate change has been a highly talked about subject for most of our lives. Scientists and historians can trace the issue back to the before the ice age. The difference between the ice age and now is that the ice age was caused by natural events and natural change while the problems we face now are caused by our own doing. Our pollution has caused a massive disturbance in our atmosphere. With that, the depletion of the ozone may have had an effect on other aspects throughout the world.
The ozone layer is a protective barrier that can be found 9.3 to 18.6 miles above the surface of Earth, in the stratosphere. The stratum contains molecules, each with three oxygen atoms, that are highly reactive. The ozone “serves as a shield

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