Climate Denialism

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Alberta’s denial of anthropogenic climate change
Hegemonic ideology is shaped in the news by Murphy’s above-mentioned notion of discursive framing. Murphy, however makes the sweeping assumption that discursive framing can be applied to similar conflicts, but this is not always the case. For the purpose of this literature review, discursive framing will only be applied to the concept of climate denialism that runs rampant in the Calgary Herald. Murphy (2015, p.355) asserts, “denial, dismissal, diversion and displacement are the four strategies that institutions use in order to exclude uncomfortable knowledge.” This debate has a tendency to occur outside academia and from what I have seen, occasionally surfaces in business journals that oppose …show more content…

In view of this, I hypothesize that the Herald will use tactics in order to increase readership and prevent readers from having to wrestle with new concepts on the subject of climate change. Boykoff and Smith would be critical of the Calgary Herald and criticize it for presenting climate change as an “evenly balanced debate between apparently expert groups who were ‘‘believers’’ or ‘‘deniers’’’ (Boykoff and Smith, 2010, p. 5) I intend on speaking at length in my MRP about the ramifications that arise when equal weight is given to scientific facts that are by facts and alternative facts that are generated by emotion. Will Potter in Green Is the New Red: An Insider's Account of a Social Movement Under Siege (2011, p.133) strengthens Boykoff and Smith’s arguments by declaring that balancing false impressions has taken precedence over critical, investigative reporting that speaks truth to power (Potter 2011, p.133). A similar approach is taken in Erik Kojola’s writing’s on the political economy of the news industry that are informed by Potter’s claims. Kojola looks at how truth is being compromised by corporate consolidation, profit demands, and political biases that are shaped by the ideological position of newspaper owners and editors (2015, p.7). It is useful to draw upon Freudenburg (2005) who theorizes about ‘privileged accounts’ that are given precedence in the media and in doing so, produce conflictual binaries and recreate dominant

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