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In the ultra-connected multi-tasking modern world, it is normal to get bogged down from time to time. Dark moods and periods of sadness are a normal part of life and depression is often a term used to describe such periodic doldrums. However, clinical depression is a more complicated and serious matter. If you think you or a loved one may be dealing with depression, recognizing and understanding the symptoms is a great first step toward finding treatment. Symptoms Clinical depression is a complex condition and symptoms can vary greatly from patient to patient. To complicate matters even more, it can be difficult to imagine what depression is like if you have never experienced it firsthand. Despite these issues, there are a few hallmarks and common symptoms of depression that can help you identify a …show more content…

Patients suffering from dysthymia are more apt to ignore their symptoms or dismiss it, as bouts with depression only occur on occasion. Sufferers often report the feeling that they have always been depressed, despite having periods of normal mood. Major Depression The most acute form of depression, major depression triggers severe symptoms and generally lasts between four and eight months if untreated. Patients who experience major depression often have reoccurring episodes throughout their lives. Atypical Depression Similar in most ways to major depression, atypical depression can be just as severe, but lifts in mood and even happiness can be achieved in brief bursts. Depression is a serious medical condition and should be regarded as such. If you feel like you may be afflicted with depression, the sooner you contact your doctor, the better your chances of feeling better sooner. With the help of your doctor and a good understanding of depression's causes and effects, you can begin your trip down the path to recovery

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