Clinical Reflective Analysis

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This week I was rotating at MOSU, I was assigned to one patient. A few clinical practices and preventions utilized was standard precautions and medication administration. I preferred vital signs and head to toes focused assessment. Communication was very hard with my patient, he was unable to speak but was able to follow commands by nodding head. I showed professionalism and professional values by properly intruding myself to patient and other nurses and peers. Leadership was implemented by helping other nursing by helping answering light calls and assisting other patients as well. My goals for this week was to learn the most from this clinical rotation experience and help in anyway possible. I feel that I achieved my goals for this week, I learned a lot from this experience and nurses. I administrated a new medication I had not done before (Solu-Medrol). …show more content…

I had a difficult time with my patient as far as communication. I did offer paper and pencil but he was unable to write. I couldn’t not think of other alternatives for communication at the time with my

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