Club Championship-Personal Narrative

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I woke up on a cold, fall day, waiting to get my turn to win the Club Championship. Sitting in the car, so nervous, not moving as if I were a tree on a nice calm day. I arrived at the course, unable to communicate with anyone. I started speaking, but the words that were coming out didn’t make sense. I stepped up onto the putting green, imagining what will the outcome be. I was feeling so lonely as if I had no one to talk to. I became dazed, thinking, dreaming that I could maybe win this at only the age of fourteen. My competitor shows up and started talking to me, but I couldn’t hear the words that he is saying as I stood there in my daze. The daze comes to an end. I was in the same daze for the whole round. It was a long, tough battle, back and forth, hole by hole. I arrived on the 18th hole, all square in our match, feeling as nervous as I started. I stood on the tee, thinking I can be the hero by making an incredible shot, but I had so much adrenaline in my body that I flew the green. I realized that there is a monster that has a lot of energy ready to burst out of me. At that time, my monster released its anger, banging and slamming my club to the ground knowing that this is my only chance to win. I tried to relax the monster, but it …show more content…

I got to my second shot as my ball lied up against a random root. My monster was about to explode again as the nerves and pressure were extremely high. I hit an awful shot off the root which caused me to use anger to my club. I then again stormed up to the green as I felt like flames were coming out of my ears. In conclusion, we tied the hole to force another playoff hole. I had the monster under control as we got to the second hole. I had it under control until when we got up to the green and he chipped in to force another playoff hole. Now I'm “Fucking Pissed” and my monster was out for good. There is no time to control this monster as it was tearing me from the inside

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