Personal Narrative: Tennessee State Golf Championship

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I’m all nerves as I anxiously wait for my turn to take the first tee at the most consequential day of golf of my life. I look to my side and see my playing partners. All of them having already had big success in the game. I am very aware that each of the three guys have been in more situations like this than me and this causes stress and tension to engulf me. It had now begun to lightly drizzle as we are called up as the final group in the Tennessee State Golf Championship. As the Official went over all the rules of the game, my mind couldn’t help but wander. I begin to wonder what might happen if it became apparent that I didn’t belong in the same grouping as the prestigious golfers that stood next to me. I begin to think awful thoughts of losing, of letting my team down. These horrible thoughts flood my mind and I begin to believe them. I believe that I’m good enough to be on the course with these guys.…show more content…
He says, “Don’t worry about anything, just trust in the work you’ve put in and go compete.” These dark thoughts of failure and doubt are now replaced with much warmer memories. I begin to reminisce about the years of long hours practicing and grinding in order to get to this moment. I think about all the time that I’ve spent with my friends that were on the same mission that I was as we played the game we loved from the time the sun popped up in the east and fell down over the horizon in the west. I am much more calm now as I take the tee and our round begins. I look to my fellow competitors and I see many of the same mistakes that I make. This gives me comfort in knowing that even though they do have a prestigious past, the golf ball doesn’t know
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