Coca Cola Environmental Factors Paper

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An organization should always be careful when considering the environmental factors that could possibly affect their marketing both globally and domestically. The Coca-Cola Company and Subsidiaries have many environmental factors that affect their global and domestic marketing decisions. These factors include; global economic interdependence alongside trade practices and agreements, demographics and their importance on top of physical infrastructure, cultural differences, social responsibilities, ethics versus legal obligations, political systems and international relations, and technology while analyzing the influence of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as well as local, national, and international legislation. For a successful marketing …show more content…

Additionally, social responsibilities as well as ethics and legal obligations will also be a determining factor in Coca-Cola’s marketing decisions. With a company that has as much brand-name recognition power as the Coca-Cola Company and Subsidiaries do, decisions must be made with the customer’s needs and expectations in mind, while respecting their reputation with those

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