Code Of The Streets

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The Code of the Streets In the first part of this article Anderson talked about the interpersonal violence and aggression in the black inner-city community. He talked about the environment people grow up in and the two groups they are classified as decent, people with good morals and want to be good people, and street, people who have evolved into the way of the streets and using violence to gain respect. After that he talked about, “the code of the streets”, which is when the street group does anything to be socially on top of their peers. For example if somebody disrespects them, they have no quarrels with attacking a person over the smallest thing and if they lose the attack they will continue to retaliate until they are superiorly respected. …show more content…

On the Other hand, decent parents raised the children with praise and usually worked hard, attended church, and raised their children with good morals. Continuing, he talked about the importance of self-image to street kids who would steal or even injure another person just to dress in a superior fashion. Children of decent people weren’t caught up in self-image and usually had self-confidence. After that, the article went on to talk about manhood and how the kids who grow up street measured manhood as being ruthless and physical. While the kids who grew up in a decent home were not afraid to be called weak because of self-confidence and the positivity in their lives. Then, he talk about the comparison of boys and girls in the street group were girls almost had their own definition of manhood, such as being the cutest girl or the toughest girl. While the males wanted respect from everybody. Finally, he talked about cases of kids growing up in a decent home turning to the street way of life to prove their, “blackness” because of barriers in mainstream society, mostly racism. In Conclusion, I enjoyed reading this article because it does show that there is a negative cycle not only in poor black communities but

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