Code of Ethics at News Limited

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Introduction Beginnings News Limited, owned by News Corporation of Australia, started as a single afternoon newspaper called The News in 1954 (News Corporation 2012). Newspaper publishing remained its primary line of business. It has published more than 100 metropolitan, regional, and suburban newspaper titles, including the national daily named The Australian. In addition to newspaper publishing, News Limited has embarked in online and data services, pay television, film and television production, magazine publishing, music and sports entertainment (News Corporation). Statement of Corporate Governance News Corporation's Board of Directors establishes the company's broad policies for the Company and its controlled entities, called the Group (News Corporation 2012). It steers the direction of the Group and manages it according to the interests of the stockholders. Corporate governance is the responsibility of the Board. Its Directors are elected annually by the majority and hold office for a year or when succeeded. They are independent directors," as required by the Securities and Exchange Act of 1943. Based on relevant facts and circumstances, the Board makes an independence determination and reviews all determinations at least once a year. The Board establishes and maintains the most effective leadership structure. Qualifications of candidates for Board directorship include education and background, leadership ability, general business experience and familiarity with

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