Codes And Coding : Analysis Essay

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Codes and Coding: According to Saldana (2016), coding in qualitative analysis frequently refers to a word or a passage of text that symbolically attributes essence- capturing, salient, summative, and / or evocative attribute for a passage of text or visual information (p. 4). This section of analysis includes the way a researcher distinguish and incorporate the collected data and the reflections a researcher produces about this data. Codes refer most often to ‘labels’ or ‘tags’ for attributing units of meaning to the inferential or descriptive data gathered in a particular research study (Miles and Huberman, 1994). Hence, it is notable from the definition above that this part of analysis plays an important role in qualitative data analysis; it is mostly based on the translation and symbolization of data into meaningful units. Codes are generally affixed to ‘chunks’ of different categories; words, sentences, phrases, or whole paragraphs linked or unlinked to a specific setting for instance. These chunks are retrieved and organized through the use of codes. The organizing section will necessitate some system for categorizing numerous chunks, in the goal that the researcher can easily find, take out, and assemble the segments connecting to a specific theme, research question, hypothesis, or construct (Miles and Huberman, 1994, pp. 56-57). They highlighted that it is preferable to deal with creating codes by designing a temporary ‘start list’ of codes related to fieldwork. That

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