Cognitive Development: Vygotsky's Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Vygotsky Theory
Vygotsky (1978) was a famous theorist in the field of cognitive development specified in fundamental of social interaction. He believes that an exploration of social development in an individual is crucial. Vygotsky’s approaches seen in the development of children’s meaning-making processes in social and cultural context (Mahn, 2012). Vygotsky (1978) in McLeod (2012) mentioned that the process in “making meaning” plays an important role in the community. An “everyday concepts” or day-to-day experiences are what Vygotsky believes on (Au, 2007). The impact of this theory through culture, development, learning and education remains in the 21st century (Hedges, 2012). Children’s senses in making and thinking connects through their new learning experiences as well as understanding. These known as working theories where children are believed to find connections with their everyday life experiences and learning process. Hedegaard (2009) mentioned that children learn and grow by being involved in their everyday activities in the community. In relation with this …show more content…

This also supports in the founding and maintenance of any individual and group’s identity. The sense of awareness and enhancing a person is thinking through learning music by ourselves or in groups can also develop motivation, active learning, interaction and cooperation. One good way of learning in a group has always been associated with community learning. As mentioned by Jensen (1964) in Smith (1996), learning in community education is the key to lifelong learning and it plays a crucial part in fighting against social exclusion. Community learning offers great opportunities in learning within and for the communities. Through the process, each individual were exposed to learning, discovering, practising, and performing when ideas were put together based on their cooperative’s learning

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