Cognitive, Social And Psychological Determinants Of Emotional

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Cognitive, Social and Psychological Determinants of Emotional State
A Study That Test the Two-Factor Theory of Emotion
Lamin Williams
Riverwood International High School

The name of this article is called, “Cognitive, Social and Psychological Determinants of Emotional State.” In 1962, Schachter and Singer put their two-factor theory of emotion to the test. Schachter and Singer believed that physical arousal played a huge role in emotions. They came up with one of the earliest cognitive theories of emotion. In the experiment, they provide three main hypotheses, which were derived from the aim of the study. The first one asks, if a person experiences a state of arousal for which they have no immediate
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This was an experiment with many manipulated variables.There were two independent variables are the information given to the subjects about the injection they were given and the situation they had to experience. The Dependent variable is the emotional arousals of the participant. From the results, the epinephrine had the desired effect of raising heart rate and subject ratings of tremors and palpitations. Also, the misinformed people didn 't experience any sympathetic symptoms of headaches or itchiness. In the euphoria condition, it was clear that the subjects were drawn more to the stooge 's mood and consequently more euphoric when they had no explanation of their own body’s state. Based on behavior observations they found the same results. In the anger condition, the self-report data was suspicious because the students didn 't want to express anger to the experimenter about participating in the test. But based on behavior scores, people who were ignorant were a lot angrier than the informed and placebo. From the results, it shows that people will assign an emotion to a physiological change based on the available emotions in the social situation.
In this experiment, Schachter and Singer were able to manipulate the amount of control they had. An example of this is how they were able to assign different participants to the different conditions. They were able to
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