Biological, Psychological, And Social Factors

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A bio-psychosocial describes an approach systematically considers biological, psychological, and social factors and their complex interactions in understanding health, illness, and health care delivery. Biological factors include defective biological processes compounds that lead to biological dysfunction and illness. Psychological factors are about the individual’s emotions, behavior, and mental processes. Social factors include social status and relations. These factors are all considered in an attempt to understand the underlying factors of such disease. Sigmund Freud would consider the social factors in their theories. Behavioral and environmental psychologists ignore the developmental, biological or psychological aspect of the individual and argue that a human person learns to control their direct environment in relation to their situations; learning their behaviors with the surroundings their in. Without combination of other approaches to psychological problems, it is complicated to help any person with the behavioral model. This is because helping a patient to learn positively rewarding stimuli without understanding or considering factors like background or biological factor could be meaningless. Biological approach gives focus on genetically inheritance and the internal body state of any individual. This could be a good perspective in understanding such problems, but it cannot be entirely relied upon to explain certain problems. A better approach that would cover
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