Cohabitation – Blessing or Destroy the Relationship?

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Cohabitation – Blessing or Destroy the relationship? One of the most dramatic trends of recent years has been the tremendous increase in male-female couples who choose to live together without marrying, a practice called cohabitation. According to the 2000 Census, there are eleven million unmarried people living with an unmarried partner in the United States today, and this number has grown 72% in the last decade alone. While many people like David Popenoe, a Professor of Sociology, on his essay Sociological Reasons Not to Live Together suggests that living together is not a good way to prepare for marriage or to avoid divorce. There is another point of view like an organization called The Alternatives to Marriage Project (AtMP)…show more content…
David maintains, only the people who make a commitment and accept total responsibility are more likely to develop self-respect, personal pride, and integrity. And these commitments can carry over into a marriage only. AtMP thinks that even when studies find differences between married and unmarried people; these differences are usually quite small, based on averages from large groups. Similar differences appear when compare people of different races, religions, etc. They also argue that most of the studies have major flaws related to causality. They try to give an example to explain it. “Marriage is strongly tied to financial issues. It has been shown repeatedly that when finances improve, marriage rates rise. On average, unmarried people are much poorer than married people, because most unmarried people want to marry and may do so when finances improve. Most of the studies that purport to find married people happier and healthier do not control for economics. What they are really finding is that wealthier people are happier and healthier than poorer people.” Perhaps more people today value marriage. So they take it seriously. That 's why they 're more likely to cohabit. They only want to make sure before they take the ultimate step. Many people like David will find many studies or statistic to support that cohabitation does more harms than goods. Although there

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