Coincidences in A Tale of Two Cities

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Leanne Rayo Samuel Lindquist Samantha Puma Elizabeth Ajemyan Per. 2 Coincidences in A Tale of Two Cities A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens deals with many coincidences that impact the plot and shape the main themes. A coincidence is a concurrence of events of circumstances without an apparent connection, often dealing with time and relations between people and things occurring by chance. Coincidences are a main factor in the book and play a great role in the fallout of the story. A few examples are the resemblance of Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton, the imprisonment of Dr. Manette, Madame defarge’s relationship to Charles Darnay, Soloman’s identity, and Jerry Cruncher’s discovery of Roger Cly. In the beginning …show more content…

Her connection leads to the death of many and the conviction of Charles Darnay and climactically the death of Sydney carton.The theme we get from this is the natural reaction of wanting revenge. You can argue that madame defarge’s big part in the french revolution was merely for the fact of her family being tortured by noble frenchmen. Another happening in the novel was the affiliation

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