Coke Financial Structure

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[pic] Andrea R. Hart GB550: Financial Management August 24, 2011 The Abstract The topic of this research paper will be about the capital structure of Coca Cola, This paper serves as a comparison of debt and equity. It will help determine the true value of the company while also determining what their free cash flow is and the risk level for the organization. The question that this research will try to answer is if the 125 year old company is financially ready for another 125 years. The company needs to remain liquid and keep its operating costs low during times of inflation. The methodology that will be used will be multiple financial ratios to determine how the organization …show more content…

The company itself, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensed distributers and bottlers are a risk factor to Coca Cola. Bottlers generate a significant portion of Coke’s net operating revenues by selling concentrates and syrups to independent bottling partners. In 2009, approximately 79 percent of our worldwide unit case volume was produced and distributed by bottling partners in which the Company did not have a controlling interest (ITEM 1A. RISK FACTORS, 2010). The company also operates internationally which is additional business and financial risk to the company. International economies and political environments become a risk to an American investor when considering purchasing securities. Some business risk of the company includes the availability in Coca Cola’s special ingredient of extracted coca leaf, the sustainment of a network that spans 200 countries, health concerns that cause a reduction in market demands. For the company to ensure that it has enough cash flows must be able to have the infrastructure to handle the large amount of demands. Being that Coca Cola is an international company it has opened its doors to many more financial risks. Risks with their international counterparts include fluctuations in foreign currency and exchange rates effecting financial results (ITEM 1A. RISK FACTORS, 2010). If interest rates rise or new tax laws are set it would negatively impact net income. Increase in costs due to shortages of supplies or materials to produce

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