Cold Blood Is A Book By Truman Capote

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In Cold Blood is a book written by Truman Capote. It’s a non-fictional book written in the style of a creative fictional book. The story follows two criminals, Dick and Perry, after they’ve murdered four members of the Clutter family. The already experienced murderers make sure to leave no evidence, clues, or traces to them in the crime scene. As investigators attempt to figure out the mystery of the Clutter family murders, Dick and Perry make their way to Mexico until they get found out and get taken to prison. After several years and trials, the duo are given the ultimate punishment. Because this novel is a real story, Capote has to make sure the readers get all the details from the actual event. Just like any other journalism from the newspaper or the TV news report, these details can get tedious and boring. When writing this book, Capote had the intention of giving the story a creative style that would capture the reader as any fictional book would. And so, the challenge for Capote would be how to mix his writing style between realistic and at the same time creatively intriguing. At the start of the story, Truman Capote has the intention to make sure the reader gets deeply invested into the environment of the story. He wants us to feel the realistic tone of the story that it’s following. In order to do so, he creates a lot of buildup to the scenery before any major events crop up. Before the main murder of the Clutter family occurs, Capote spends a decent amount of

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