Collapse Of Han China Dynasty

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In 200 BCE, Classical China was thriving with new ideas and achievements. More specifically, Han China arose after defeating the Qin Dynasty in 202 BCE when they came to a fall. The Silk Road was built which allowed land ownership to expand to Central Asia, Korea, and Indochina during this peace period of China. Also, irrigation systems, civil service exams, and a patriarchal society were developed and set into place. However, slowly over 200 years, the dynasty started to crumble into pieces for a plethora of reasons. Furthermore, wars started to break out in order to gain control and power. Trade routes slowed down and invaders broke into the wealthy peace land. These issues led to a world of social unrest, especially in the growing and prospering Han China dynasty. The collapse of Han China was due to other Germanic tribes pressuring into the capital, a rapid decrease in population from rising disease, and heavy taxes from the government among the falling People of Han. Towards the beginning of 200 CE, Han China was heading down hill as outside invaders were emerging and heading for the capital city. Xuchang was the capital between 196- 220 CE. It was located in the western portion, which with held money, trade routes, and fertile land. Multiple tribes wanted the money and the land this dynasty had over the last 400 years. However, no single ruler or government could rebuild the land of Han China. That is why Classical China broke down into separate three separate

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