Collapse of the Twin Towers

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When the Twin Towers collapsed on September 11, 2001, they made a sound heard around New York as a roar, or distant thunder. The South Tower was the first to go. Its upper floors tilted briefly before dropping, and driving the building straight down to the ground. Many people died, and many others were lucky enough to make it out alive. Twenty-nine minutes later the North Tower collapsed with much the same result as the first. The two symbols of America’s economy were gone, and not even the so-called World Trade Center Seven, a relatively new forty-seven-floor tower that stood independently across the street from the complex, remained standing. The building burned persistently throughout the day, and that evening became the first …show more content…
“If you do a good job, and you do it in record time-who knows what record time is, since nobody’s ever dealt with this before-is there a bonus?” (p. 168) people were frightened and under a lot of stress. There as many as 250 or so fireman that were trapped underneath the debris from the Twin Towers. The ordinary fireman nearly focused on the rubble underfoot, where they discovered the remains of police and fellow fireman. At the time their interest was the recovery of their own people. Some people lost family everybody lost friends the sadness and bereavement was there eating away at these poor people who are trying to clear up debris and hoping to find their friends or family under there alive. Through out the two months of demolition and clearing out the debris in hopes of finding more people, tensions raised, fight broke out. The city was ready to turn the site into a construction job. The city was taking away from families and friends any chance for closure. “Our memorial Mass became a funeral. It gave me an opportunity to hug the casket and say goodbye. It’s just awful what they are trying to do… to deprive other women of that wonderful feeling.” (p. 169)
The Fireman being hysterical, have found about 14 fire department personnel. This was not being easy for them. The police were not letting anyone in or out of the building past a certain time. Emotions were arising still many people were involved in the

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