Collective Bargaining Agreement Analysis

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The most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement between San Luis Coastal Unified School District and the San Luis Coastal Teachers Association contains clauses that are of substantial benefit to the district, though some of the clauses included are not. A close analysis of the agreement reveals a wide variety of stakeholders with varying needs, from the school board and administrative personnel to all regular permanent and probationary certificated employees (full-time and part-time), including, but not limited to, counselors, librarians, resource teachers, etc. When negotiating, the district must take the needs of all stakeholders into account, and must find a way to work through the challenges that are present. Teacher associations …show more content…

With the lack of high-quality research related to the effects of class size on student achievement, there is not a valid argument for decreasing class size in our schools. Additionally, taking on the extra 1-2 students in each class will only help with master scheduling issues and course offerings. If we continue to reduce class size, our students are the ones who will be negatively impacted as we will be unable to provide certain courses for all students. There are instances when a teacher may have one to two sections of a given class, and if we are a few students over, those students cannot take the course they want, or possibly need. This is not an issue we want to face, nor do we want to deny our students a proper education that fits their own individual needs. The flexibility of being able to include up to 36 students in any one class ensures that there is enough space for more of our students. In an effort to convince the Teachers Association to concede to this change, it is appropriate to offer them something in return. In this instance, it may be fitting to offer to keep elementary class size pupil-teacher ratio to 1:28, making it clear that we will not ask to increase their class size if they agree to the 4-12 growth. Increasing class size is vital for the district as we are forging ahead into uncertain times with the closing of our primary source of revenue, Diablo Canyon. We have to be

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