Research Paper - Class Size

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Research Paper - Class Size

Class size is a very popular topic that is greatly research through out educational settings. Class size deals with how many students are in the classroom at once. Class size can vary greatly. It can depended on the location of the school, where the more rural areas have only one high school while in a city environment there could be twenty-three high schools in one area. Location also depends on the amount of population in that area. Class size also can depend on the level of schooling. Such as in a major university there could be two hundred students in one class, while in a local elementary school there is only eighteen students in one class. Class size can depend on what kind of class is being taught. In
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It also can deal with how much the student as learn and understanding of the information. Many of times academic achievement is shown by grades that are given out by the teacher. The teacher gets these grades by test and assignments the students perform by using the information they gain in class. Academic achievement is very important and all schools want everyone student to have high academic achievement.

Depending on the class size academic achievement can either be positive or negative. Positive academic achievement means the student is learning and understanding the information and can use it effectively. While negative academic achievement is that the student does not understand the information that is being given to them, which results in not being able to use the information they learn. This will lead failure in tests or assignments.

In one research study in Tennessee researchers had elementary grade students attended the same size class for four years. The one class had more then twenty students while the other class had only fifteen students. After each year of the study the students took the Stanford Achievement Test battery and received separate scores for reading, word-study skills, and mathematics. At the end of the test they found out that the students in the smaller class of fifteen students were 0.5 months ahead of the other students by the end of kindergarten, 1.9 months ahead of the other students at the end of 1st grade, 5.6 months ahead of
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