College Admissions Essay: My Future NBA Player

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“You are a loser.”
I thought to myself as I sat quietly in my room, with my head down.
“What happened, son? Why the gloomy face?”
My dad came tapping my door and threw my favorite basketball at me, but I kicked the ball into the corner and never took a second look at it.
“Hey, what happened to the future NBA star?”
He frowned and sat beside me.

I did not know how to tell him about the most depressing failure I have experienced. It all began two years ago, when I first joined the basketball club in my high school. I had always been a great fan of basketball and wished that one day I could become a NBA star. It turned out that I could not do any of the fabulous skills the famous players did; instead I always lost the ball and made mistakes in passing balls. However, I never gave up hope, holding the belief that “numerous practice will make perfect eventually.”

I attended all training sessions and spent a great amount of time playing basketball since the thrill of winning games, of becoming better pushes me forward. I believed my efforts are worthy, since I had the advantage over other players in speed and keen awareness, and I trained harder than others every day. Basketball was the only thing on my mind. Then the time came to assemble the official school team to participate in formal basketball games. I thought for all my efforts …show more content…

I asked the coach about my weakness and trained specifically to improve it. I spent additional hours on the court working on my dribbling, shooting skills, asking others for the help of difficult strategy while simultaneously managing my heavy load for legs and elbows, getting stronger. Although I was not chosen for the official team, I never gave up training. I made many new friends and became more confident because of my increasingly proficient skills. I realized that no matter what I do, I should always try my

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