College Admissions Essay: My Goals That Changed My Life

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We must not let our past define us, but it is my past that has paved a way for my future. I owe everything I am and have achieved to my mother who has endured interminable years of hard work to provide for her children. It is poverty, hard work, discrimination, education and the desire for a better life that has driven me to my goals.
At a young age, I did not apprehend the adversities my family suffered. I understood that the life I was living was a privilege and that everything I sought must be earned. I watched my mother work during the day to provide for us and attend school during the evening to better her career. Reflecting back, my definition of perseverance and hard work comes from watching my mother’s late nights and early mornings
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I endured hatred and discrimination for being myself. My best friends, who had dark-colored skin or immigrated, confronted similar acts. At the time I didn’t realize it, but I found a passion that I would work tirelessly for: equality.
These everyday micro-aggressions during my life has propelled me to study Psychology, Women and Ethnic Studies, and Marketing to better the world in which we live in. With my definitive goal to work for the United Nations on Human Rights, I strive to positively impact and inspire every life I touch and provide an easier better future for those who are less fortunate. Every position obtained, occupation worked and experience endured has lead me closer to my goal. Every second of every day I am preparing my future and striving to reach my dreams of a peaceful, loving world that provides all its people the chance to achieve. Through the hard work and perseverance that I learned from my mother, I am positive that I will reach my goals.
The summer after I graduated high school, I was an intern for the Office of the Mayor and Economic Development. There I organized events for the city of Colorado Springs and analyzed data for the economic improvement of the city. Here I learned how great of an impact the economy has on the
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During this time, I will be looking at Counseling and Sociology Master programs to apply to. After graduating with my degree in Counseling and Sociology, I plan to work in low-income high schools as a counselor to directly impact the students. Also during this time, I would like to apply to the State Policy Fellowship Program to work on Education Policy Reforms to improve the education that underfunded school systems provide. Shortly after working in this setting, I will apply to several internships for the United Nations to begin my career in Human Rights. Afterwards I will apply for a formal position with the United
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