College Admissions Essay: The Value Of Life

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Value of Life The concept of life holds a complex philosophical definition. The meaning of life remains an abstract thought that many interpret in a variety of ways. People must acquire a reason to live to spur personal development as they maneuver through life. Every individual lives life for a different purpose; for example, some live life to devote themselves to their religion while others devote themselves to sports or the arts. Humans have a variety of inspirations that motivate them to conquer challenges greater than imagined. Valuing life gives people an incentive to achieve tasks no matter the obstacle, depending on their level of passion. Some individuals move on to accomplish unthinkable deeds because they developed a strong …show more content…

Personally, life holds value to me because of the sport of running, my family, and learning. Having dreams and goals instills a work ethic to give someone the desire to live. That sense of bettering oneself to improve motivates individuals to take on the day. Running has developed into a passion for me to be more than just a sport. The concept of running appears simple, but once you seriously decide to dive into cross country and track, running has the ability to open someone up physically as well as mentally. Running has provided me with an escape from the hardships that have emerged throughout my life. When I run, I have the ability to block out any issue and focus solely on that moment. In the sport of running, you always have room to improve which constantly inspires me to live my life with a stubborn work ethic. I look forward to my daily workouts and …show more content…

The cancer may have taken away his ability to talk, but not his desire to write. Personally, without the sport of running I would feel lost and useless because of the satisfaction I receive while dedicating myself to something I have developed a passion for. Fortunately, I have only had to endure minor injuries that prevented me from running for a couple days. However, during those few days without running I felt as though I did not have a purpose and I desperately urged to lace up my shoes for a run. A passion holds a great power that has the ability to give people a meaning in life. Hamlet also defines the reasoning behind the motivation to drive an individual to live by arguing that, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in't” (Shakespeare). Strong passions may appear mad as people exert themselves beyond their limit to simply continue doing what they love. Spectators may address such actions as madness, but those who realize they could not function without their passion understand the method to the madness. I acknowledge the insaneness of the workouts and runs, but behind the insaneness lies reason. I would not achieve my goals without having a little insanity to reach that feeling of success after a race. Running makes me the person I am to provide me with an incentive to live my life to the best of my

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