Life Essay : The True Meaning Of Life

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Life as we know it could vanish within seconds. The next day is not promised to anyone that walks on this earth. As we live our everyday lives peacefully, we tend not to think what our mission or purpose in life is. Instead, we think what we must do for that to be a “successful” person. Despite this way of thinking, just think for a second. What makes life meaningful? What is life anyway? These questions dive right into the heart of the philosophical, psychological, and the biological aspects of life and what the true meaning of life is. This is a very arguable topic due to every person’s different perspective on life and what it means to them. In summary, I personally think that life is simply what you make of it and each person’s accomplishments has its own merit What is life? That is a question that every human being has asked. Some might say it is merely just going to work every day and doing the things needed to survive. Others might say that life is a meaningful amount of time on Earth that is spent nurturing and caring for the ones you love. Both outlooks are not wrong. Biology of Life Life starts out as a fetus in the mother’s womb. This process lasts about 40 weeks. The 40 weeks are broken up into three trimesters. It begins with a stage called conception. This is when the sperm cell fertilizes the egg creating a zygote (the developing individual produced from such a cell). The zygote divides into many cells which is then rooted in the uterus. This is called a fetus

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