College Admissions Essay: What Is My True Name

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What is my true name? I do not know. However, of one thing I am sure – it has changed. Smooth yellowish pages rustle under my fingers. Eragon finds his dragon Saphira’s egg in the mountains. I voraciously take in every word, every sentence. I feel myself a part of a story – I am inside the book. Gentle evening sun, setting behind two green peaks of the Carpathian mountains, warm August air, faint odor of pines, the smoke coming from a fire somebody lit down in the valley – all aid in the impression that I am not in Slavske – small resort in West Ukraine- but in a distant yet so close land of dragons, elves, magic and mystery. Even as Eragon, I am trying to discover my true name - a phrase or even a word that could most consistently describe my personality: all my merits, faults, desires, goals, victories and failures. With that advanced understanding of my own self, I could shape my own life and my perception of the world as I will. The sun has set and soft, indigo-blue twilight has embraced the green Carpathians and vast forests into its gentle misty folds. I can hear the voices of my sister and cousin, who are building a castle in a sandbox outside. The adults savour the view of evening mountains sipping their hot tea. I smile. This at least I know …show more content…

My dragon Saphira is my inner voice that prompts me to embrace new responsibilities and ever experience my life in full. To act and change the things and people around me for better whenever possible. My mind is my sword that is ever ready to pierce unknown and unexplored around me. My resolve is my shield that helps me withstand the blows of criticism or ridicule. My curiosity is the mighty magic that helps me explore and understand the nature and its laws, which we call Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. Previously shy, hesitant school wonk, unsure of what to say to a checkout assistant in a store, has grown into a person capable of reshaping the

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