College Admissions Essay: Who I Was And How I Am

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How I Was and How I Am
There are various stages of life. As we get older the lifestyle and habits rapidly changes. Although the standards of my life have changed a lot since I was twelve years old, but still some of my hobbies, looks, lifestyle, interests and learning styles are still the way they were twelve years ago.
I have changed a lot in the last couple of years, however, there are some similarities. I was smart enough to become first at school besides I was an active student at sports such as cricket and football. In addition, I am still as clever as I was twelve years ago. I achieved a full scholarship and currently I am studying business administration at the American University of Afghanistan. Moreover, my black hair, brown eyes, …show more content…

In contrast, now I am mature enough to wear stylish clothes, even more, currently I have short and long-term goals to achieve my dreams.
Moreover, during my childhood I used to play Mario, a little man jumping on the air, rode romantic factions, and I listened to boring classical music. Yet, my hobbies have completely changed. I like to listen to rock music, play mature games, for instance, Hit man and Clash of clans, furthermore, I watch every horror movies, on the day it release.
At the time, I was twelve years old, I had no responsibilities, no objectives, and in addition, I had a low self-esteem. While, now I am a responsible person. I have a high self-esteem, and above all, I enthusiastically pursue my short and long-term goals in order to achieve my objectives. I have my family responsibility, which is like a huge burden on my shoulders, along with my own responsibilities.
In conclusion, we pass through different stages of life as we get older. Meanwhile we adopt various life styles and different hobbies. However, we encounter enormous changes in our daily life as we pass through the several stages of life, on the contrary, there are still some lifelong habits which might never

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