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Imagine you are a college athlete. You have worked hard throughout your life to get to where you are today, a Division I college athlete. However, the grind doesn’t stop there. You still have to put in about 40 hours each week on your sport, attend mandatory team workouts and meetings, and travel and compete for your school. Not to mention you still have difficult college classes, sleep, and your social life to worry about. You are well aware of the sacrifices you have to make, but your school? Now that’s another story. They require you to hold a certain GPA and play well enough to keep your hard-earned scholarship, and when you do well on the field, no matter how many awards you win, the school gets the ultimate prize: Money. Yes, college athletes receive scholarships, which do cover a good amount of the cost of college. However, do they cover textbooks and meal plans and other numerous expenses? Former NCAA basketball Final Four MVP Shabazz Napier said “ there are hungry nights that I go to bed and I’m starving”. If this doesn’t tell the NCAA that something is wrong, what will? I strongly believe that NCAA Division I athletes should be paid a certain amount of money because they make money for the NCAA. Therefore, they should be treated like any other paid employee and receive fair compensation. Not paying the athletes is likely an antitrust violation and also morally wrong.

Before I explain why athletes should be paid, I want to clarify why athletes are truly unpaid in

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