College Athletes Receiving Compensation For Their Efforts

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Emily Zatopek once said, “An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.” This is relevant to the controversy that surrounds college athletes receiving compensation for their efforts in sports. College athletics have gained much attention and popularity over the past few decades. Due to these actions by sports fans across the United States, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is bringing in huge amounts of money year after year. It has been reported that the NCAA’s annual revenue has increased every year since 2000 (Alesia, 2014). In about two years the NCAA’s total revenue will approach one billion dollars (Strachan, 2015a). With all of this money coming…show more content…
Because the players receive scholarships, the football players fell into the broad definition of employee. The board director stated that, “It is clear the players have a primarily economic, rather than academic relationship with the University.” This may be the case for some opinions on this broad topic, but others may disagree. Other controversy that has been stirred about with college athletes is a few high profile basketball and football players secretly receiving money. Reggie Bush, a former running back from the University of Southern California, reportedly was given a $1,500 weekly payment. His family was also given $100,000 worth of financial benefits throughout his tenure at the University of Southern California (Purdum, 2010). Another example of this comes through the University of Massachusetts (UMass) basketball star Marcus Camby. Marcus was given $40,000 through agents that paid him while playing for the University (Purdum, 2010). It can be highly assumed that many other high-profile college athletes have been given some form of compensation throughout their time as student athletes.
A growing amount of critics are begging the NCAA to pay their beloved student athletes. This past month, a coalition of professors joined together in support for labor rights for men’s football and basketball players. On top of that, a few former NCAA basketball stars have spoken out and proclaimed that these student athletes should
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