Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

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Whether or not student-athletes should be paid has been a hotly debated topic since the 1900s. College athletes spend just as much time, if not more time, practicing and devoting time and energy to sports as they do academics. For this, many athletes are rewarded with scholarship money. However, many people believe it is not enough. Should we pay student-athletes a slice of the wealth or is a full-ride scholarship enough? (Business Insider). What if the athlete gets injured? Where does the money come out of to support each athlete’s salary? The huge amount of money being generated from college sports has led some people to think that the athletes are entitled to some of that revenue. While, some think that student-athletes should be paid, others disagree for various reasons. Student-athletes should not be paid to play in order to maintain the purity of amateur sports and their obligation to prioritize getting an education. The NCAA was started by Teddy Roosevelt in 1906 in order to implement the safety measures in college sports. Back then, it was “impermissible to recruit athletes solely on their athletic ability, much less to offer athletic scholarships” (Gilleran, et al). The rules behind intercollegiate sports that stand today were set in place for a reason. The NCAA mandates that student-athletes must not receive a salary to maintain their amateur status. Universities favor the athletic department since they tend to bring in the highest revenue, but participants know

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