College Athletes Should Be Paid

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The publicity and popularity of this issue has consistently been high due to the lack of changes being made or acted upon. It is no mystery or lie that paying rising athletes in college has been brought up and addressed countless times, but why has no change still occurred? In the article, “It’s Time to Pay the Tab for America’s College Athletes,” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes based on personal experiences and strongly feels he is not being heard as he continues to speak out on the same topic. If an individual is on a scholarship - same rule stands from twenty-five years ago - that person is not permitted to have or work any type of paying job. This can be difficult for student athletes who do not come from families whose parents work higher paying …show more content…

A majority of the biggest injuries that occur in college sports tend to be accidental and sudden from a game or practice. So why are the athletes still being punished and disregarded with no job chances and unfair injury rules after 25 years? When put in account, inference can be made that the NCAA is afraid of change, they are worried that such a drastic difference like pay may result in negative effects that could be too catastrophic or disastrous to fix or undo. In Andrew Zimbalist’s book, he mentions several different controversial incidents concerning colleges paying athletes in different ways, dating all the way back to the mid 1900’s. This displays the recurring relevance of the topic throughout time and how it has evolved into the vast topic of …show more content…

Different from the past, the NCAA now will present thousands of separate laws and restrictions for all possible ideas someone may have. It is apparent that times are new, with every little move the biggest coaches and player make being monitored down to their breathing, so it is about time that the rules, regulations and money distribution laws are slightly altered as well.
The once “amateur” atmosphere of college sports has now switched into real conversation of pay. Even the NCAA president believes that times are changing and the inevitable of no paychecks can not be stopped much longer. Players should have the opportunities presented to them that will allow them varied ways to generate personal money. If so many people are against straight up paying the best athletes, why not give them other options to accept money? A savings bank account or “retirement” fund should be made in order for the most skilled athletes to be paid. This could allow them to obtain the money they earned after they complete their college career and education. If certain people in authority are not fully on board when it comes to

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