College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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There has been a recent debate on whether or not college athletes should be paid. Many people believe they should get paid, but many others believe they should not be paid. College athletes should not be paid because the students should worry about their education, it is an extracurricular activity, and the Ncaa does not approve of it. College athletes should not be paid. “ They argue that the main purpose of going to college is to get a education, not to make money” (“Should college”...1). College is not a job, it is a place to learn. Also many college athletes receive scholarships to attend that school. “The value of the scholarships athletes receive during four years of college can be well over $250,000” (Weiss et al.1). Therefore, athletes …show more content…

“A partner from the St Louis - based firm Bryan Cave says that athletes go to college to get a degree. Some just end up playing sports.” (Cooper et al.1). Many people tend to think that college is all about sports. Attending college is a privilege. (Cooper et al.1) there fore, athletes are already being rewarded by attending college. Also, college athletes should not be paid because that is not the purpose for going to college. Many argue that is not he purpose for going to college. Many argue that going to college is not for money but for education (should college...1). They should not be paid because playing a sport is not a job. Students go to college to take classes to later have a career. Also, not all colleges make enough money for all of the athletes to be paid (“Should College...1”). There are a ton of athletes that participate in many sports in college. There are too many athletes at a college for all of them to be paid. Many others believe that college students should be paid. Athletes bring their schools money (Nocera et al.1). Therefore, many believe that the students should get some of the money that they help bring in. Players are part of the labor source and get nothing. There is no other industry where labor gets nothing. (Nocera et al.1). It is only fair if athletes get paid too. Athletes work hard to do what they do but do not get

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