Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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College is about getting an education and creating a better future for yourself, not about making money. Nowadays some college athletes think they 're all that and should be paid for the sport they play. It seem to be that there forgetting that they already get to go to college for a discounted price or in some cases for free. College athletes think they should get paid for all there services they provide to the school and the revenue they bring in. First, how are colleges going to pay the athletes? College sports may bring in a lot of money but not everyone knows where all that money goes. Second, every athlete will expect to be paid. We all know some sports bring in more money then others. How fair is it going to be when the tennis players are making sufficiently less then the football players. Lastly, they 're already getting paid. Thats what there scholarship is for, it pays part of the student athletes tuition or for it all. So there is no need to pay them since there getting an education out of it. First, college is about earning an education not money. If the NCAA starts letting colleges pay there athletes it will defeat the purpose of them going to school. It will discourage kids from finish and getting a degree because they 'll already be making the money they want to make when there out of college. An estimated 18.2 million people enrolled in college in 2007. There are over 460,000 NCAA student athletes, that play in 23 different sports. More then 8

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